Meet Evian Cafun

“I still remember my first experience using a turntable. Placing the vinyl onto my uncle’s turntable, being amazed at the power I had with the pitch control!”

Twelve years later, Evian is playing House and Garage at the West End venue Heaven in front of a packed student audience.

“We were supporting a well known DJ, the crowd were singing along to the vocal tracks and shouting rewind to everything else, forgetting everything, this is what I wanted to do”.


Born and raised in London, United Kingdom, Evian’s all around abilities was forged during the heights of House and Garage. Supporting various acts throughout his career alongside radio appearances on Choice FM, Delight FM and Elite FM with his House and Garage collective, JEM Squad.

Evian championed his own style during the late 2010’s with his own brand of eclectic music and Tech House mixes.


As well as DJing, Evian has worked with various producers on a variety of vocal projects. This included BETTER HALVES mixtape with Raisa K, LGOYH Alt with Kwes and music with San Diego based beatmaker Elkecura.


Evian joined Croydon Radio in 2012 and collaborated with lifestyle editorial, GRUNGECAKE for a weekly 2 hour music and chat, The GrungeCake Show. Evian interviewed international artists and personalities like Shannon Lee, daughter of movie star, Bruce Lee, Mademoiselle Yulia, Spragga Benz and Lazy Jay (Belgian production duo credited for smash hits like Azealia Banks‘ “212” and‘s “Scream & Shout” featuring Britney Spears), UK Soul legend Omar Lye-Fook and British-Hollywood authors and actors like Cass Pennant, Tamer Hassan and many many more.

Evian then created the GameVideoShow. Hosted by Croydon Radio, the show featured music from Video Game composers and was a cult hit with regional and international audiences in Japan.

With over 20 years of experience as an innovative DJ, Radio Personaility and Voice Over Artist. Plus appearances at the world renowned Ministry of Sound, Boiler Room, Heaven and more. Evian has managed to nurture these experiences and use them effectively. He currently plays Afro House, Deep House, Soca, GQOM and Amapiano to audiences all over the world.


SOCA x GQOM by Evian Cafun


Hi! TechHouse Mix by Evian Cafun


Techno Overground Mix by Evian Cafun


Refined Gentleman by Evian Cafun